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Almost any malleable metal can be mechanically expanded to form a mesh. The essence of the production technology – as small material loss as possible, so it is convenient to process precious materials, such as: platinum, titanium, nickel and others.

Tehniskie parametri


  • (LW x SW) -  from 0,5mm x 0.4mm  up to 800mm x 300mm

  • Material thickness  -  starting from 0.08mm

  • Standrat sheet sizes LW x SW (mm) - 1000x2000 , 1250 x 2500 , 1500x3000

According to individual order, it is possible to produce already in a size convenient for the
customer, as well as even with a width of LW 2400 mm

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Acs veidi_edited.jpg
loksnes mērīšana LW x SW ENG.jpg
  • Mild steel

  • Pregalvanized steel

  • Titanium zinc

    • Stainless steel (316 / 304 / 430 / 321 etc.)

    • Aluminum

    • Corten

    • Tin

    • Copper, brass

    • Nickel

*If necessary, we can provide powder coating or anodization of the mesh!

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