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We offer decorative meshes made of woven and/or welded wires, which are perfect for architecture and interior design. Unique design and aesthetics with practical application.


The materials used are fire-resistant, durable and versatile – massive and strong, light and flexible, transparent or non-transparent – impressive possibilities to create and combine!

Tehniskie parametri


  • Opening from 0,074mm up to 80mm

  • Sheet’s total thickness  - from 0,1mm up to 7,5mm

  • Standard sheet size 1000/ 1200 / 1380 /1520 /2000 mm  ( depend of patern)

*For larger order quantities, a production width of up to 3000 mm is possible

sieta mērīšana (1).jpg
  • Stainles steel

  • Steel copper plated

  • Bronze

  • Brass

  • Brass interlaced with Stainless steel


  • Electropolishing: This electrochemical process removes micro-scale material from the surface to produce a burr-free, high-gloss surface.

  • Pickling: Used to remove all impurities from the stainless steel surface to keep it metallically pure. Pickling after welding is generally recommended ensuring the quality of the stainless steel material.

  • Clear coat: Treatment with Zapon coating protects non-ferrous metals, such as brass or bronze, from oxidation and tarnishing. The varnish has no active rust protection, it only protects by sealing.

  • Coloring: For some coarser wire meshes and grids there is a possibility of powder coating. This allows the application of all colors of the RAL scale.

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