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By ordering materials on individual size from "VRV Metāls", we optimize our company's time and financial resources, as a result, we speed up the production process.


We order various materials on individual size for “VRV Metāls”, for example, welded meshes. We receive the finished product in the specific sizes we need and use it in the production of our products.

We have been cooperating with “VRV Trading" for about five years. This can be considered a mark of quality for this company because “KnK Mefab” sets very high-quality standards. We develop high value-added products – shop windows, stands, shelves for food products. The products are located in the environment where there is an intense flow of people, the products must be visually attractive, carefully designed, functional and long-lasting.


The advantage of "VRV Metāls" is effective communication. The company communicates very responsively and honestly with its customers. Even if there have been some exceptional circumstances, due to which the product cannot be delivered from the manufacturer on time, we always warn about this in advance.

Speed is a very important thing for our business because fast order fulfillment is usually important to customers. By cooperating with "VRV Metāls", we are able to provide this speed.



Kristaps Laipnieks, the manager of the company “KNK Mefab”


The prices of “VRV Metāls” are fully adequate for the market. Our benefits from this cooperation are great and outweigh the costs.

We buy metal meshes from “VRV Metāls”, then we use them in the production of our various products. We have been cooperating for several years because this cooperation is beneficial for us as a metalworking company.


The meshes delivered from the manufacturer exactly match the specifications which we have ordered. We can immediately use them for the parts and the equipment.

The product is delivered carefully packed, nothing has happened or been damaged on the way. 

We are also satisfied with the communication between us and “VRV Metāls”, It is friendly, responsive, simple and professional. We express our needs, we are accurately perceived and a drawing is made. If it is necessary to develop an estimate, the company gives a price quote. Always quick to respond and responsive when there are any questions.

“VRV Metāls” is a professional cooperation partner. We will definitely recommend others to cooperate with your company.


Guntis Dlohi, the representative of “Steel Profi”


“VRV Metāls” is a very strong supplier of specific metal products, especially metal meshes. Other companies are often unable to supply such specific products.

We have purchased various metal products from "VRV Metāls". At one time, we needed very specific metal meshes. They were delivered from the manufacturer on an individual order. The meshes fully comply with our quality requirements and specific needs.

We cooperate successfully also thanks to easy communication. The company responds quickly to our questions and needs. If in the course of cooperation there is a request from our side to make any changes, it is done responsively.

We have planned new orders and are confident that "VRV Metāls" will be able to provide them for us. 


Edgars Čerevko, the procurement officer at “Rubate Metal”

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“VRV Metāls” helped us to choose and supplied the expanded metal sheets which complied with the quality requirements and were optimal in terms of price.

For the facade of the building of the electronic systems production building in Ogre, we had included the expanded metal sheets in the project. We ordered them from the company “VRV Metāls”.

The cooperation was successful in several respects. We were supplied and acquainted with product samples and catalogs so that we could choose exactly what we needed.

It was important to “VRV Metāls” that we purchase a product which would be practical and correspond to our requirements. They told about each product without hiding information why the products of similar quality are twice the price.

The order was placed during the emergency situation when most manufacturers were having problems with production and product delivery. “VRV Metāls” took care to receive the product from the manufacturer on time.

If in the future the projects require expanded metal products, we will include in them the products manufactured by "VRV Metāls" because this company has proven itself as a reliable cooperation partner.

Boriss Krutiks, the architect of the architect office “Nams”. (1).jpg

From “VRV Metāls” we buy woven steel mesh with very specific technical requirements. We failed to purchase such a product from any other company.

We have concluded – if it is necessary to buy very specific metal products, most likely, they will be available in "VRV Metāls.”

We have been cooperating for about four years now. We use the purchased mesh in the production process – chopped glass fiber is sifted through it.


The team of the company is very responsive – once we needed two mesh sheets, but at that time there was only one sheet of mesh in the warehouse of the company. We bought this sheet, and the manufacturer delivered another one in a very short period of time. It was delivered to Valmiera. It has happened that we bought a mesh with a different technical specification by mistake. We contacted the company, and they very quickly changed it to the product we needed. We are satisfied with the responsive service, speed and quality of "VRV Metāls". Of course, we will cooperate with this company in the future as well.

Vladimirs Višņakovs, the procurement specialist of “Valmieras stikla šķiedra” AS 

Fasprof OÜ

Fasprof OÜ

We have chosen “VRV Metāls”, because ordering the expanded metal mesh in Latvia cost less than if we had ordered it from an Estonian company.

 At “VRV metāls”, we ordered an expended metal mesh for the Lidl store in Tallinn. The cooperation was successful. First, they sent us a mesh sample. Then the whole order was delivered - the mesh met the technical requirements we needed. It corresponded to the ordered sizes and was painted. It was delivered directly to the object.

The customer has already scheduled the next object. We will probably order at "VRV metal" for this as well.

Stanislav Dorosh, the manager of Fasprof OÜ

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